Boa Vista island in Capo Verde


The island of Boa Vista is one of the archipelago of Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) visited by me in June 2019

I liked so much this island because it’s uncontaminated and many places are very hard to reach: can be reached only by pickup or quad because there aren’t roads.

Santa Monica Beach

The name comes from the famous californian one, but it’s more beautiful. Is very wide, 22 km and completely deserted.



Morro d’Areia beach

A very beautiful beach because it’s mixed with sand dunes… beach or desert?


Povoacao Velha village

It’s maybe the most characteristic villages of Boa Vista, because it’s the first one.

Inside there is also a church  Nossa Senhora da Conceição


Santa Maria shipwreck

In 1968 there was the shipwreck of a Boat, the Santa Maria. Fortunately there haven’t been dead people because it happened close to the coast.


Sal Rei

This is the most important town in the island. There is an harbour, a big square and many facilities.

The beach of Ervatao

This beach is famous because it’s a place for nesting of the caretta-caretta turtles.

In the month of July the beach is closed to allow the turtles to depose their eggs.



The Morro Negro lighthouse

This is the eastern point of the island. Africa is 500km far away. The landscape from up the hill is amazing.



The beach of Chaves

This beach is beautiful and it’s easy to reach because it’s close to the hotels and resorts, like Iberostar and Riu Karamboa.

The abandoned village of Curral Velho

A very characteristic place is the abandoned village of Curral Velho. It was built because there was a close natural salina, but it was abandoned due to the frequent pirate attacks from the coast.



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