Oia in Santorini

Oia is a picturesque village located on the island of Santorini in Greece. It is known for its stunning sunsets, white-washed houses, and blue-domed churches, making it one of the most iconic and photographed places in Greece



Oia Santorini


Blue domes in Oia


Oia showcases a unique architectural style that is distinct to the Cyclades islands. The houses are built into the cliffs, featuring cave-like structures with whitewashed walls and blue-painted roofs. This traditional style is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps to keep the interiors cool during the hot summer months

Oia houses in Santorini


Oia is famous for its numerous blue-domed churches, which have become an iconic symbol of Santorini. These churches, with their whitewashed walls and blue roofs, create a striking contrast against the backdrop of the sea and the volcanic landscape


Bells in Oia


Santorini can be easily reached by sea, but also by airplanes because there is an airport. You can visit Oia in very few time because the village is small, even if very brautiful. Along the main streets there are some small streets going towards the sea, where you can take scenic photos of the domes on the sea.

My suggestion is to avoid crowded months like summer (June-July-August) because streets are narrow and can be very crowded

You can easily reach Santorini with cruises



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