Zaanse Schans Windmills

In this place you can find the most beautiful windmills on Netherlands close to Amsterdam. Many of these windmills are still working, and you can visit them.
You can reach easily this place from Amsterdam with public transportations. If you like to ride a bike, you can also rent a bike from Amsterdam.
Many windmills are around the Zaan canal as you can see in the highlited area in the map below




Many windmills are still open and can be visited inside with a ticket. You can also take the ride of boats that navigate throigh the canal.


Photos and photo tips


Zaanse Schans windmill

This is a windmill taken from the boat. As you can see, these windmills are open for a visit, so you can see them working.
Shooting a photo of a windmill from the boat could be a nice point of view, different and more interesting than from the ground and the path. Boats are slow, so you can shoot some good photos.


Zaanse Schans windmills

You can shoot some good photos also from the bridge. When I was there weather was not so good, it was hot and wet. You can see all the windmills from the bridge. Maybe you can shoot it at the sunset or sunrise.


Zaanse Schans windmills

You can also have a walk and visit all the windmills from the ground


Zaanse Schans windmills



Zaanse schans bridge

Inside this park there is also a very particular photo spot, many photos are taken from there. It’s a private house, so don’t be rude and respect the privacy. It’s a small house and the particular is the reflection of the round bridge and the house on the canal. This house is easily visible from the shops and museums area.. You can also shoot photos in sunset or sunrise with a tripod



This is the exact position of the Zaanse Schans area on Maps


All these photos and many more can be downloaded on PayHip


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